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Title: Inspirit Music Release News
Date Added: 12 Feb 2003

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Amma - Heartbeat (Kaskade / The Beard mixes) - Buy | Listen
Following on from the recent success of Amma's debut solo single for Inspirit Music (On My Own), the talented songstress maintains the high consistency of musical output on the label to date. And once again the track features two exceptional remixers from up and coming San Franciscan talent of Kaskade and UK's The Beard.

After his impressive rework of Amma's 'On My Own' earlier this year, Kaskade's Ryan Raddon [Read DHN Interview] was keen to collaborate once again with the up and coming Inspirit singer / songwriter and comes after a spate of excellent Kaskade output through US west coast labels such as Jamayka, Moezee and Om Records. The finished product is a sultry, laid back, after-hours affair and was also the perfect choice to wind down Inspirit's recent InSoul Sessions CD mixed by Andy Caldwell.

OUT SOON - 24th February

Andy Caldwell ft. Omega - Don't Hold Back -
Andy's solo work includes a discography to be envied. His tracks, appearing on the likes of Naked Music and Om Records, show off his natural ability to write and produce songs that hit an inspirational and emotional nerve within the listener. Andy's style is nothing short of a summation of his artistic journey, the result being a refreshing hybrid of classical training combined with the street-smart unorthodoxy of the underground electronic music scene. [Read DHN Interview]

Don't Hold Back is Andy's debut single release on Inspirit Music. Its lively bassline and energetic vibe provide a perfect accompaniment for the gorgeous harmonies and strong vocals of Omega, who recently featured on Andy's much loved 'I Can't Wait' release on Om Records.


Andy Caldwell ft. Omega - I Can't Wait
This is the big one Andy Caldwell's "I Can't Wait" is now getting re-release on the UK's most exciting house labels, Inspirit Music. And what a package it has turned out to be, with huge mixes from Marques Wyatt, Kaskade, Gabriel Rene and Naked Music's Mauricio Aviles. All the tracks take a slightly different route, covering the full range of Inspirit's trademark smooth vocal house sound so keep your eyes peeled.

Promos availalbe very soon at the Deep House Network [DHN] shop.

Dave Haynes

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