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Title: House Columbia presents Joshua (Iz) @Tantra Club, Bogota, Colombia, Oct 17th
Date Added: 17 Sep 2003

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Hey Peeps!

Another great night is to be held down here in South America for October, Joshua (Iz) will be doing his dj debut in South America at the infamious Tantra Club in Bogota, Colombia.
The event will be held Friday October 17th.

HouseColombia & Tantra Club in association with Om Records presents:

Joshua (Iz) (San Francisco, USA)
(Classic, Tweekin, Iz & Diz, Om Records, Music for Freaks)
Featuring: Julian Torres (HouseColombia)

Friday October 17th
@Tantra Club - Carrera 15 # 95 - 65 - Bogota, Colombia, South America.
more info - - -

This review is to be published at the DHN in October alongside with the event information.

The people from HouseColombia and Tantra Club in Bogota have been bringing serious talent to Tantra`s dancefloor during the past months.
Names like Fred Everything, Q-Burns Abstract Message and JT Donaldson have passed already leaving their unique signature into a very supportive and enthusiastic South American crowd having a great response from it.

Next stop for Tantra will be Joshua (Iz) from San Francisco next Friday October 17th.
The following months will feature great guest appearences such as Brett Johnson, Q-Burns and Ralph Lawson + a very big special guest on the works for early next year. So, stay tuned for more great deep nights happening here, Deep Down South, South American style!

Thanks to all the HouseColombia crew and my man Juan Martinez!

Peace, Federicco :: DHN :: deephousenetwork


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