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Title: InHouse Perspectives Tour
Date Added: 23 Jan 2004

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INHOUSE PERSPECTIVES TOUR DATES - Inspirit Music Due to drop at the end of February is Andy Caldwell's InHouse Perspectives 02 and to spread the InHouse sound Inspirit have set up a comprehensive tour of Europe and the US. Tour schedule is below...

You can also check out the photos from the first night of our Barcelona residency at Carpe Diem here

Europe Date

Jan 23rd @ Carpe Diem, Barcelona Spain
Andy Caldwell & Amma

Jan 24th @ Salafonica, Mallorca, Spain
Andy Caldwell

Jan 30th @ Sky Bar, Calgary, Canada
Andy Caldwell

Jan 31st @ Ginger Sixty Two Vancouver, Canada
Andy Caldwell

Feb 1st @ Half Moon Club, Cork Ireland
The Beard @ Amma

Feb 7th @ King King, Los Angeles, California
Andy Caldwell

Feb 13th @ Halo Lounge, Atlanta, GA
Andy Caldwell

Feb 14th @ Praia Bar and Wine Lounge, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Andy Caldwell

Feb 14th @ The Egg, London UK
The Beard & Amma, Olly Ainger

Feb 20th @ Limerick, Ireland
Andy Caldwell

Feb 21st @ Club 404 Helsinki, Finland
West of Centre

Feb 21st @ Freezer Bar, Naples, Italy
Andy Caldwell & Amma

Feb 25th @ DeeJay Magazine Awards, Spain
Amma Live PA

Feb 28th @ Housecafe, La Coruna, Spain
Andy Caldwell & Amma

Feb 29th @ Half Moon Theatre, Cork, Ireland
Andy Caldwell & Amma

March 4th @ Aura, Watford, UK
West of Centre

March 5th @ Rhythm & Flow, Orlando, Florida USA Uno Party
Andy Caldwell

March 6th @ Club 404, Helsinki Finland
The Beard

March 6th Music2 Productions Party @ Miami, USA
Andy Caldwell & Amma

March 7th @ Bed, London
West of Centre

March 7th @ UNO LAUNCH PARTY @ Mynt Lounge, Miami, Florida
Andy Caldwell & Amma
Soulstice Live

March 12th @ Dorrego, Buenos Aries, Argentina
Andy Caldwell

March 18th @ Club Naked, Minneapolis, MN, USA
Andy Caldwell

March 19th @Wish, Cleveland, Ohio, USA
Andy Caldwell

March 25th @ Cielo, New York, USA
Andy Caldwell

March 26th @ Ruby Skye, San Francisco
Andy Caldwell

April 10th @ Club 404, Helsinki, Finland TBC (Date confirmed)

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