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Title: Vinyl Listings.Fish Go Deep,Kenny Hawkes,Charles, Jori,Rithma..
Date Added: 23 Feb 2004

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Firstly thanks to everyone who came down for Sugar Hill Gang on the opening night of our weekly bash...FOOTWORK Few pics of the night here

Don't forget FOOTWORK takes place every Thursday and this week sees FISHGODEEP's Greg and Shane return for a more of the same groovesome house music that they delivered in style last December.

Doors are at 11 and Tickets are 9EU / 7EU for students.

Next Week March 4th - Kenny Hawkes - London House Don drops in to Play the FOOTWORK Game! Doors 11. Tickets 12 EU/ 10 Eu Students

March 11th - Shane Slattery and Marc O'Neill

March 17th - Paddys Day Special with Orbitals Phil Hartnoll coming to the Warehouse to spin some records

Upcoming in March and April for VINYL - Charles Webster returns, as does Jori Hulkonnen ( this time doing a LIVE set), Rithma from San Frans OM Recordings singing and Dj'ing(oooh!)

If you know anyone who would like to be included in the VINYL biz mail then drop a quick mail to our new contact address . - coming soon!


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