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Title: Body and Soul to move?
Date Added: 18 Jul 2002

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Legendary New York house night Body and Soul is currently considering it’s future at current venue, Club ARC. A worldwide Mecca of house music for the past 6 years, Body and Soul is famed for it’s inclusive door policy, special atmosphere and it’s uncompromising dedication to house music, from famed residents Francois K, Joe Claussell and Danny Krivit.

The management of the club have been quick to stress that it is not a case of the venue asking body and Soul to leave. “It should be important for anyone reading this [Body and Soul website] board that we are in no way implying anything regarding Club ARC giving us the boot , as they are quite happy to continue having Body&SOUL there.”, said Francois K. He has also rubbished rumours that Club ARC recently help[ed] themselves to the cash belonging to B&S .

There have been rumours of the club moving to The Shelter, although no decision has been taken by the Body and Soul crew at this time. Francois K paid tribute to the Shelter for their support : ”I must not only commend you but let you know how immensely proud we all are of what you have accomplished in a few short months. Against seemingly insurmountable odds your spirit and resolve have proven that indeed things can go good for pioneers like you who genuinely care about those around them and have a vision for a better tomorrow … I wanted to immediately take this opportunity to express our thanks and appreciation for so generously extending your hand to us in this difficult time, which I am sure you know we will not forget.” (Source:

The following statement was released yesterday (Source:
“To our Body&SOUL members, family, friends and all of the music lovers who have attended our party for the last 6 years.
We would like to take this opportunity to personally thank each and every one of you for your continued loving support and for having contributed to making our weekly gathering a truly special and magical event. For many of us it has become an integral part of life, a ritual we need in order to feel complete and rejuvenated. Dancing together for all these parties has brought so many of us to become part of a community that truly knows no boundaries, geographically, culturally or otherwise.

During these six years we have always strived to provide those who attended with a safe and comfortable environment where they could let their guard down and truly feel one with the music we love. We have also been blessed with the opportunity to perform in New York’s Central Park or in Tokyo, Japan and share that Love of Music with thousands more that never even knew this kind of party could exist. There have been many songs that have inspired us and lifted our souls to a higher spiritual plane, “It’s Alright (I Feel It)”, “He Is The Joy”, “Father”, “Knight Of The Jaguar” and so many more that have inextricably become part of the very fabric of our lives, and hopefully brought us much-needed rays of hope. So much to be thankful for in a few short years, so many memories shared!

Life’s lessons are that very little remains the same, and since our party’s inception we have seen much to that effect, from the many of us who became parents to those who moved away to other cities; we’ve outlived the club’s successive generations of owners and managers, witnessed the senseless horrors of 9/11 a few hundred yards away, and sadly even had to mourn the untimely passing of the club’s owner and landlord.

At this time many factors are contributing to our having to re-evaluate our current situation at Club ARC during the Summer months, and we have decided to take a break for the next few weeks to help us better understand our options to keep bringing you the kind of party we feel we should be organizing. This upcoming party on Sunday July 21st will be going on as a ‘Classics Party’ as previously announced; we do not expect Joe Claussell to be able to make it, so it will be Danny Krivit and François K bringing you the musical vibes and Ariel on lights. We certainly hope to see all of you on that dance floor this Sunday!!!

We will bring you some more updates on this as things develop, and ask you to keep logging on to our web site’s community board ( for any updates on our future plans, which we will post as we find out ourselves. You can also inquire with us directly if you have any questions regarding all this: We are asking that through this situation everyone behave with the utmost dignity and restraint, both in words and in deeds.

Peace and good musical vibes, always.


Ken Rooney

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